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  • Rajski Konaci

    Gornji Milanovac, Leušići

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    Rajski Konaci (Paradise Cottages) is a 4-star village household belonging to Jevtovic family, and it was officially awarded in 2004 as the most beautiful in Gornji Milnovac municipality. Rajski Konaci…

    16Bed & Breakfast
  • Villa Etna

    Gornji Milanovac, Ugrinovci

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    Villa Etna offers accommodation in 10 rooms, each with double beds, LCD tv, mini bar, bathroom with a shower. Guests can choose between bed & breakfast, half-board or full board…

    Price by request
  • Rudnik Zvezda

    Gornji Milanovac, Rudnik

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    Rudnik  Zvezda (Star) offers lodging in the apartment for 4 persons. There is fully furnished kitchen. The apartment has a central heating. The land around the house is bordered by…

  • Etno selo Babina reka

    Lazarevac, Trbušnica

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    25Daily Rental
  • Ocean House

    Zrenjanin, Belo Blato

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