Household in the heart of Serbia that only experienced tourists know about



You know how they do it in the Serbian countryside? They just want to make sure your bellies are full and that you have a good rest. Or better yet, they want you to enjoy your stay like never before. Traditional Serbian hospitality, what can we do. smiley

But have you had a chance to be hosted by one of the most famous families in Serbia? A family old more than 200 years. This is the story about the famous House of Čolović. Great Serbs, freedom and WWI fighters. Great hosts, merchants, and above all big humanists. Famous athletes and distinguished intellectuals.

The old House of Colovic

In a word, the family that selflessly gave the best they had to this country. And they still to do that today. Better than anyone you know.
And therefore we want you to know about them!
Their story started back in the early XIX century. And they will prove that to you in the most vivid way possible - their old house from 1806, which will be the first thing you see if you come to this place. It is perfectly preserved. Here you can see the old, original fireplace where families gathered, preparing food, spinning out stories...
There you will learn about what they serve in nacve and what were waterwheel and earthenware dishes used for. Everything set like 200 years ago.
Original fireplace in the old house
Today this property was fully turned into a museum, which has been nominated for cultural monument under the state protection.

They exported jams to Europe and bought a carriage from the King Milan Obrenovic

The Čolović Family has a glorious and rich history. The first ancestors came to the village of Vrbica in the late XVIII century. Almost at the very beginning of modern Serbia. Their founder Milosav Radovanović was nicknamed Cole (turkish Colak, Cole - a man without arm) since he was born without his left arm.
But that did not stop him from becoming very diligent and hard-working person. Because of his good deeds and efforts he was regarded by the people and therefore he took the title of a Duke.

Milosav Radovanović - Čole, founder of Čolović's Dinasty

His successors continued his way. They've become successful hosts and merchants. That is perhaps best shown by the fact that the Colovic's exported their jams in Austria, Russia and other European countries in 1902. They employed 200 workers on the farm in the season, while their household counted 19 members!  And all of these at the beginning of the 20th century. Pretty impressive right?
A detail from the old house
All that Colovic had, they gained through honest and hard work. It sounds unbelievable, but in 1907 they bought the harvester from Toronto, Canada. That same year, they bought a carriage from King Milan Obrenovic. Equivalent as if you could buy a limo of ex President Tito say smiley
From the fireplace, to the swimming pool and sauna
In addition to the old house with a fireplace, Colovic built and new house at the beginning of XX century. It was completely renovated in 2010. The hosts will be happy to walk you through the memorial room on the ground floor and tell you the most interesting stories from the life of this family.
And such stories, you haven't heard so far. Trust us.
From World War I veterans who ended up in Bizerte in Tunisia, prisoners who were rescued from Nazi camps, to the state shooting champion in between two world wars. All of this you will be told in a pleasant atmosphere of the veranda, studio or deep shade of the old lime trees. Here is one detail. Čolović great-grandfather did not know about instagram but he was photographed among the first in Serbia back in 1865, which was extremely rare at the time.

Memorial Room in the new house


Living Room for the guests


A large swimming pool in the middle of the courtyard with hydro massage attracts a lot of attention. A real refreshment on a hot August day. Moreover, when they serve you cool homemade juice, smoothie or cocktail from quince (a product that they themselves have developed), pure hedonism!


A Swimming pool and..


...the quince cocktail is served


Homemade food prepared on the old-fashioned way


The whole story of this amazing household is spiced with some delicious culinary specialties. House of Čolović will bring you back in time with their famous cabbage, prepared in the fireplace from 1806. Just as it was done by our ancestors.

Very authentic!

In addition, they prepare lamb, stuffed chicken on a spit, homemade bread and ajavar and you will have a chance to try the famous jam and brandy that they produce for their own needs more than 100 years.


Food prepared at the old fireplace




Biking Serbian Tuscany!


The Colovic's have fully thought about the needs of their guests. Here you can enjoy the gym, lot of table tennis, cycling or walking in the wavy Sumadija (scenes that foreigners compared with the famous Tuscany in Italy). They can and will organize visits to a number of nearby monasteries, or monumental complex at nerby Oplenac. Here you can see a house of King Petar I Karadjordjevic, and certainly the most beautiful sacral building in Serbia, St. George Church with the royal tombs of Karadjordjevic dinasy.


Biking in Serbian Tuscany


As you can see, there are many reasons why this household occupies a special place on the tourist map of Serbia. Virtuous, respectable and good hosts, just as we have them here in Serbia.

As we said at the beginning, because of all that, they deserve your attention.

For years House of Colovic was visited by famous actors and other public figures and accommodation is hard to find here. If you want to experience all of what we are telling you about, click here for more details about reservations and prices. Colovic will give their best to accommodate you!