Biser Lopatnice

  • Accommodation Type:Аpartment
  • Tourism type:Rural tourism
  • Offer type:Lodging and meals
  • Availability:Entire year
  • Half board:18
  • Full board:21
  • Lunch for groups (per person):5
Price: 18Half board
With your family or friends can enjoy the beautiful rural landscapes, stroll along the many forest and mountain trails, recreation is riding a bike in the summer to swim in the pool or in our Lopatnica say, gudgeon and trout fishing in unpolluted river, hunted by the surrounding mountains and much more.
It is possible to organize a paragliding from the hills around Bogutovac, rafting Ibar is away from Lopatnica 5km, engage in archery, horseback riding, pick mushrooms in season makes this region extremely rich or swim in Lopatničkoj Spa, where the water temperature is 24-28 * C.
Spa water is very healing for many diseases (neuralgia, neurosis, nervous system diseases, chronic migraine, a kind of rheumatism, diseases of the digestive tract, high blood pressure and various skin diseases). In its structure, spa water contains magnesium, calcium, lithium, hydrogen sulfide, sodium, chlorocarbonate, sulfate, radium, iron. This water is an instance of hypothermic water.
This whole place is on 300-500m. above sea level and is located between the mountains and the Troglav Čemerno from the west and Željo and tables from the east. The whole climate is characterized by moderate continental climate without strong winds and fog and no sudden changes in air pritiska.Uživaćete in unspoilt nature and healthy food, which is stored in our hearth with products from this okruženja.U the beautiful setting, on the terrace, you will be served homemade fresh, fruit brandies, bread, corn bread, polenta, POPARA, cheese, cream cheese, smoked meat, greaves, roasted potatoes, soups, cabbage from earthen pots, beans, charm, lamb, barbecue and a variety of fish, fresh apple pie or rice, Salcic, vanilice, pancakes ...
 Within the ethno village there are houses (chalets) with a large covered terrace. In any object on the ground floor is the living room, dining room and bathroom on the first floor are two double bedrooms. In all buildings (there are three plus facility for food), there is TV and internet. Ethno Village ,, Biser Lopatnica "is ideal for groups of 5 to 15 people who are lovers of peace, swimming, walking, nature, hiking, hunting, fishing ... With a great spirit of friendly locals, beautiful nature, healthy food, you will experience a real family the atmosphere and take beautiful impressions from Lopatnica.

Household type: Tourist


Extra bed, kitchen, tv, air-conditioner, internet.


Mountain, river, sport field, walking trail, religious site, historical site, spa.
Single room Double room Triple room Multiple
Rooms with a shared bathroom - - - -
Rooms with a private bathroom - - - -
Apartments - - - -

Total number of beds: 15

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